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I decided that I have been putting off developing an "official" blog for long enough. I didn't want to start a blog that was another "me too" blog. I wanted to wait until I had something to say. Well, I've left a few long comments on other people's blog entries — so I guess I have something to say! In addition, I find myself talking to the computer šŸ™‚

I believe (read hope) that reading the conversations in the "blogosphere" has provided me with the inspiration and illusion of connection that will keep me writing.

 I am another librarian that is not working in a typical library setting. For the life of me I cannot relocate the Biblioblogosphere conversation about "librarians who are not in libraries and do we consider ourselves librarians". I guess this is what happens when you are not blogging whilst reading blogs!

As a member of a Knowledge Management team, I use many library skills none the less.  My primary responsibilities are developing and maintaining our information structure (using taxonomies, thesauri, and other such tools) and maintaining our metadata standards (we follow the Dublin Core – qualified standard). In addition, I catalog entries, design various intranet spaces and gadgets in our Plumtree/BEA Aqualogic portal, train employees and give presentations as needed.

It has struck me, since I began this job almost 5 years ago, how often issues from KM, digital libraries, and usability cross over — and yet there are not many conversations across those fields. I have learned so much from the various disciplines, that I would not have neccessarily gained from just one of them.

I hope this blog will encourage that cross-fertilization.



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Knowledge hiding between co-workers

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