A Hybrid Library System

May 4, 2006 at 1:54 pm Leave a comment

Sarah, the LibrarianInBlack pointed to an announcement that : Endeavor has released a Hybrid Library System. She learned about this from Peter Scott's Blog.

Endeavor is a library system to manage both physical and digital items. The system rests upon their key product platforms:

Voyager® – the company's flagship integrated library management system

  • Meridian™ – a centralized, electronic resource management system
  • Curator™ – a comprehensive system for searching, creating and managing digital resources
  • Journals Onsite™ – an enterprise-level system enabling libraries to locally store, search and browse electronic journals
  • But, where it gets interesting is in the new features they have added. They are claiming that they have improved their federated search by using one search engine over multiple repositiories. Federated search is always tricky, so it would be interesting to see how the product lives up to their claim.

    I especially perked up when I read

    "Encapsulating Endeavor products and repositories in Web services. With the goal of expanding the reach of Endeavor technology, the company is planning to develop a host of expanded Web services. These services will increase the level of interaction between Endeavor's products and interfaces with external applications and services, including third party software."

    I'm wondering how interactive will this software be. Will it allow interactivity with the users/clients/patrons, or will it be limited to other databases and applications? I hope that perhaps they are endeavoring (pun intended) to move into the 21st century and serve their more web savvy clients.


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