TelCos can charge ISPs ?

May 13, 2006 at 9:16 pm Leave a comment

David Isenberg reports that the telcos are showing their true colors when it comes to Net Neutrality. They are allowed to charge an ISP when their customers use the Telco's phone lines? This seems absurd and certainly — gives me no reason to trust them with issues like…say…not charging competition more when a Teco X's customer access that content. I figure that when people, and comanies say "Trust me" it is like the college boys who would say "Hey, I'm a nice guy!" If you have to tell me…then you aren't doing a good job of being nice (or trustworthy).

Is dial-up is an "information service" now? This is a huge step backwards. Verizon is discriminating against POTS calls to an ISP. (In the UK, friends of mine had a successful Campaign for Unmetered Telephony based on the fact that dial-up charges inhibit Internet use. (They succeeded.)) Even if you don't dial up anymore you should be concerned!

The Boston Globe reports: Dial-up provider loses Net access amid fee dispute Ruling favoring Verizon may hike price of service Service to thousands of dial-up Internet users in Massachusetts was disrupted this week after a federal court ruled against a Quincy company in a lawsuit that could have broad impact on the cost of dial-up service. The US Court of Appeals in Boston ruled April 11 that Verizon Communications Inc. can charge per-minute fees for calls to local numbers that dial-up users need to connect to the Internet — in much the same way that they charge for long-distance or other calls.

To read more go to David's blog. He has links to some other perceptive people writing about this incident as well.

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