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Getting back into the groove

It’s hard to get back into the habit of writing whilst adjusting to huge changes.
However, the itch to write has been pestering me lately.

My current position has moved me further away from libraries, per se. In that my focus is upon our ontology (keywords and keyword structure) as well as other writing standards for a large content management system. And yet…I still am a library geek 🙂

I’ve been catching up on reading library techie blogs and came across Jane’s post about a challenge to Farhenheit 451.

I do wish people would readwhat they protest. I don’t understand people that are so easily offended by literature. A local teen recently wrote a rather brilliant editorial in the local county paper. In it she noted that Shakespearian classics have all of the elements that so many challenge in other books — bad language, violence, corruption and cross dressing! — yet no one seems to challenge those works. It’s too bad The Aegis has all of their content behind a wall. They want $10 a year if you have a print subscription. Fugghedaboudit! Sheesh and I thought some of the major papers are getting lost in the web? At least most print content sites will provide limited access to some articles and free electronic access to print subscribers.

Anyway seeing the title brings back vivid memories for me — my high school mime troop did a mime rock opera based upon Fahernheit 451 🙂


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